Bader Dokhan
UI/UX/WEB/Graphic Designer , Business Analyst


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Web design was my starting point to IT world as a UI designer. I believe that Good UI design is more than putting buttons and images on a view or page It requires an understanding of the users levels and business goals and work to reflect it to the real world through application design. I have worked in various business areas and projects through prototyping the applications design and layouts in many development languages and environments for desktop,mobile and web applications which allows me to apply different UI/UX methodologies in order to fit customer needs.

Afterwards, I have moved to business analysis career that is not far from UI/UX design as analysis work which get me involved more to the business process as a maker for it by gathering the customer requirements and analyzing it from business and technical perspectives. I keep playing both roles as Business Analyst and UX/UI designer and that lead me to be a strong connector between concepts and expectations between customer and other project team( bidding, QC's and developers) by Preparing and Verifying the Modeling and business and technical documents with both project parties.

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